PB Series

The PB Series provide solutions for residential applications and with the different head options available solves many construction challenges. PB Series pedestals allow adjustments from 41 to 600mm by stacking couplers. With the bottom slope correctors, pitch can be corrected up to 5%.

1. Head The head support is screwed directly onto the base or the coupler. The many different head attachments make the PB pedestal a favorite with contractors.

2. Coupler The coupler is used when the height of the pedestal exceeds 200mm. Two wire hooks on the sides allow for the pedestals to be tied to each other, guaranteeing greater stability when the height exceeds 600 mm.

3. Base  The base is 3 – 4.5mm thick polypropylene with  205mm in diameter. The base can be placed or fixed to a solid substrate. The pedestal can be cut away for positioning against a wall. It also has holes at the bottom for drainage. The PH5 slope corrector and numerous accessories are available to support all types of  materials and structures.

4. Slope Corrector The BC-PH5 can compensate, a horizontal, a slope from 0 to 5% (slope from 0 to 5 cm per meter). This is placed under the base of the pedestal.

PB Series Head Accessories


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Green Product Approved

Green Product Approved

The polypropylene used in the pedestals is made from 78% recycled material and they are 100% recyclable. Buzon’s  commitment to the environment means you get points toward green building.


Dealing with Slope

Dealing with Slope

Buzon pedestals with slope correction

Buzon pedestals incorporate a patented slope correcting device, which compensates for a slope of 0-5 percent, to provide a perfectly level surface.  For applications that require more than 5%, use the BC series and gain up to a 15% slope correction.  See Video

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