Installing Buzon Pedestals – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the material surfaces look uniform?
A: Spacer tabs create a uniform gap between the slabs placed on top of the pedestals. The tabs are available in different widths, depending on the space required. The following widths are available: 2, 4.5, 6.0 or 10 mm.

Q: My tiles are not uniform in thickness will this cause a problem?
Shims are available to adjust small differences in tile thickness. They are available in 1 and 2 mm thickness and are placed directly on top of the pedestals.

Q: What if I need a bigger slab bearing surface?
A: To increase stability a pedestal can be turned upside down (base becomes top).

Q: What kind of decking materials can be used with Buzon pedestals?
A: Buzon pedestals can be used with any kind of decking material including: stone, granite, marble, hydra-pressed concrete, wood, composites, industrial grating, ceramic and wood tiles.

Q: Do the Pedestals need assembly?
A: Yes, they need to be put together, which is a good time to adjust for the correct height.

Q: How do I adjust for height?
A: Adding couplers is used for increasing the height. The coupler is equipped with a safety clip system to avoid unscrewing.
Adjusting to the required height before installation is also possible using the “+” or “-” printed on the pedestals and couplers.

Q: How do I adjust the pedestal for slope?
A: With the PH5 it is possible to build a perfectly level surface on top of the pedestals by rotating the top of the slope corrector. It’s possible to adjust the slope  in 0.5 increments between 0 and 5% with the value showing up in the window on top.
The slope corrector device is clipped on the head of the pedestals (DPH 0 to DPH 3). The DPH and DPH 5 pedestals have the slope corrector built in.

Q: How do I get train on installing Buzon pedestals?
A: We come to your site and train you on how to get the best results using Buzon products. Just arrange a date and we will be there to get you started.

Q: How do I figure out the number of pedestal I need?
A: Use the following formula

  1. Include one pedestal for every tile
  2. Count the number of tiles around the perimeter of the tiled area and divide this number by two
  3. Add the number of pedestals calculated in step 1. to the number calculated in step 2.
  4. Add 5% to the total number of pedestals calculated in step – Remember we are happy to help with your calculations

Q: What accessories do I need?
A: Each pedestal is configured based on the height requirement, need for slope correction, and the type of material used for the surface. Once the material is determined the exact accessory head for that surface can be selected and the number of couplers to reach the height.


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