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US Builders Review – Feature Article on Buzon Pedestals International & Buzon USABuzon Pedestals International and Buzon Pedestals USA Featured in US Builders Review

While many have tried to duplicate the technology around the world, Buzon Pedestals International (Buzon), the parent company of Buzon USA, is the original creator and manufacturer of the first-ever screwjack pedestal. Architects and construction professionals use Buzon pedestals to create unique spaces that inspire, entertain and build community. These unique spaces range from …  Read the story


Buzon Pedestals International Shapes Landmark Projects Worldwide

Buzon Pedestals International in landmark projects

Buzon Pedestal International continues to provide base support to renowned projects
around the Gulf with its durable range of products made from recycled material.  Read the story


Buzon Pedestals in the Marina Del Sands Hotel & Resort

Buzon Pedestals International at Marina Bay Sands

Buzon delivers more than 100,000 screwjack pedestals for this luxury hotel that boasts a swimming pool and roof garden 200 meters high. Read the article in Roof Belgium April 2011 – Marina Del Sands Hotel




Visit Buzon Pedestals in booth 5837 - Coverings 2015Global Tile & Stone Experience
Orlando, Florida
April 14-17 2015
Visit Buzon in Booth 5837, Register Here



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