Designing with Buzon Pedestals – Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Does Buzon accommodate architects and specifiers with take-offs?
A:  On request we can supply 3D files to architects and engineers.  These files are compatible with main architectural software packages thereby allowing the integration of Buzon pedestals in the plans.

Q: Do Buzon pedestals need to be installed over any special surface?
A: Buzon DPH pedestals can be easily installed on any type of substrate, such as roofing membranes (including EPDM), insulation boards, cement screed, etc. The pedestals are supported by a large base of 320 sq cm, enabling installation directly on all types of roofing membranes and even directly on top of insulation panels.

Q: Are Buzon pedestals safe?
A: Buzon pedestals are equipped with a safety system so that always a minimum of 3 ribs are inserted into each other, to ensure the stability and safety of a terrace or raised floor. Moreover, once installed, it is impossible to release the head, coupler and base, from each other, as they form one solid block.

Q: What are the load limitations of Buzon pedestals?
A: The Buzon pedestal is capable of supporting 1,000kg. Each part of the Buzon pedestal system uses a minimum thickness of 4 mm or 5 mm of polypropylene. Depending on the height, the pedestals can withstand a load of up to 1000 kg / pedestal (a 50% safety margin is included). The higher pedestals are equipped with reinforcement ribs to further improve the strength and resistance.

Q: How does using Buzon pedestals change how I design?
A: Design-wise, the PH-5 slope compensation device offers the architect the possibility to design a flat terrace, without the need for valleys or ridges. Furthermore, with the possibility of specifying a slope of up to 5% for the substrate below, superior drainage of water and improved durability of the waterproofing are ensured.

Q:  How do I determine how many pedestals I will need for my project?
A:  Request a take-off to better understand how many pedestals will be needed and what type.  To request a take-off Contact Us.

Q: Are Buzon pedestals weather and chemical resistant?
A: Buzon pedestals are UV-resistant, have high chemical resistance, and can withstand various weather conditions and climates with a temperature rating from – 50° C to + 120° C.

Q:  How does the pedestal adjust for slope?
A: Buzon pedestals incorporate a patented slope-correcting device, which compensates for a substrate fall of 0-5 percent, to provide a perfectly level floor finish.  See Video.

Q: Does Buzon offer anything to ensure the stone or paver lines are perfectly straight during and after installation?
A: Yes, the interchangeable spacer tabs allow for 2mm, 4.5mm, 6mm and 10mm gaps between pavers, providing positive drainage and making uneven paving lines a thing of the past.

Q:  Is this system complex, requiring special installation?
A:  One installer referred to working with the Buzon pedestal system, ” It’s like constructing Lego’s but for adults.”

Q: Are Buzon pedestals available in colors other than black?
A: In response to requests by many architects, Buzon is now offering a transparent version of the pedestals. These are made of UV-resistant polycarbonate and are especially useful in the installation of glass tiles and industrial gratings.

Q: Are samples of Buzon pedestals available?
A: Yes, various types of sample boxes are available upon request. See Contacts

Q: Does Buzon make anything other than pedestals?
A: Buzon is dedicated to being the innovation leader in the screwjack pedestal industry and focused on making accessories and options for pedestals. While there are many imitation products, Buzon’s patent pending slope correction system, and other innovations have not been duplicated.

Q: What is the height range of Buzon pedestals?
A:  Buzon pedestals accommodate heights from 11mm to 1030 mm and slopes up to 5%.

Q: What does it mean that Buzon pedestals can be used to conceal services?
A:  Buzon pedestals create a level surface above all plumbing, electrical, drains, lighting, HVAC, etc., so all services are hidden beneath the surface but accessible by lifting the surface material from the pedestal for access and maintenance.  Also, provides easy access for maintenance of waterproof membranes.

Q: What problems can I solve with Buzon pedestals?
A: Other than creating beautiful designs that conceal services, architects can also now design a roof garden at the same height as the walking area. They can also create perfectly level surfaces over uneven or sloping surfaces.

Q:  How do I purchase Buzon products?
A: We have distributors in 35 countries around the world.  No matter where your project design originates, know that there are distributors to support building and other contractors around the world.   See also Contacts.

Q: What materials can be placed over Buzon pedestals?
A: The award-winning Buzon Pedestal can be used with natural stone, pavers, ceramic or glass tile,  wood tiles or decking, steel or fiberglass grating, and composite materials.

Q: What applications can I use Buzon pedestals for?
A: Really anything that you can dream up can be placed to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, temporary floors and water features. See Application Gallery for sample projects.

Q: Are Buzon pedestals “green?”
A: The polypropylene used in the pedestals is made from 78% recycled material and they are 100% recyclable. Buzon’s  commitment to the environment means you get points toward green building.

Q:  What type of projects have Buzon pedestals been designed into?
A:  Buzon pedestals have been designed into water features, terraces, plazas, balconies, roof gardens and green roofs, pathways and walkways in prominent commercial and government buildings and public spaces in 35 countries around the world.  Additionally,  creative landscape architects and residential architects have specified Buzon pedestals in swimming pool surrounds, illuminated floors, exhibition floors, temporary floors, and more.  See Application Gallery for sample projects.


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