Illuminated Floors

Illuminated floors are another way that architects and designers have used Buzon pedestals to create unique spaces that inspire, entertain, and build community.  One designer used Buzon pedestals and stone tiles with lights to create a unique entry that makes people feel special as they walk into the entry of their high rise.  Innovative automotive dealers use Buzon pedestals and see through decking material to creating exhibits in the showroom and again at auto shows to bring extra emotion to automobile shopping experience.

Buzon transparent pedestalsIn response to architects and designers requesting it, Buzon now offers a transparent polycarbonate pedestal to accommodate transparent decking materials used in showrooms, dance floors, hotel lobbies, and other elegant interior designs.

The illuminated projects below represent a few different installs but there are 1000′s of installs around the world that make use of Buzon pedestals.  Each project is unique; there are as many variations as there are designers and architects.  If you have a question about whether Buzon pedestals are right for your project, please contact us.


Buzon pedestals under illuminated walkway at entrance of building

In the entrance area of this residence building the architect created a raised walkway which can be lighted up in different colours when stepping on the glass tiles. Buzon pedestals are the best solution for this project because under the raised floor is enough space to hide the sensors and cables for the light and the pedestals are strong, stable and secure to use them in a public area.

Transparent Buzon pedestals in showroom at Lexus dealer

Buzon pedestals and illuminated tiles in large public terrace


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Dealing with Slope

Dealing with Slope

Buzon pedestals with slope correction

Buzon pedestals incorporate a patented slope correcting device, which compensates for a slope of 0-5 percent, to provide a perfectly level surface.  For applications that require more than 5%, use the BC series and gain up to a 15% slope correction.  See Video

The Buzon Difference

Buzon BC series pedestal top view Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Since 1987, (Buzon Pedestal International) has been the world’s leading manufacturer of screwjack polypropylene pedestals.
The reputation of BUZON®  is the result of extensive experience and a willingness to satisfy the exacting demands of Architects, Specifiers, Designers, and Construction Professionals around the world.  Learn More


Buzon Around the World

Buzon Around the World

Buzon Pedestal in peaceful zen settingLeading architects, builders, and urban planners from around the world use Buzon screwjack pedestals to create unique spaces that inspire, entertain, and build community.  See how others have used Buzon pedestals to realize their visions.

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